Judo Uniform Made in China

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Product  Introduction
It is made of 100% cotton and avaialble in different colors and sizes,Six lines cuffs, fine sewing, strict supervision, durable, no off-line
Perfect knitting, the shoulder adopts multi line knitting, it’s increase cost and durability.
Product Specification
1.100% cotton
2.White color dobok
3.Size:all sizes are available.
4.Will not shrink when washed
5.Uniform includes jacket,pants and belt
Product Feature and Application
The standard type plant trousers,thickening of the collar in high quality of pure cotton.
100% cotton fabric durable and breathable.
1. What is MOQ?
If we have in stock, there’s no MOQ for quantity and color, usually 1 pcs for each color
2. How long can I get samples?
The stock styles only takes 1-2days. If there’s no inventory, it takes 5-7 days to make.
3. Can you produce my design, logo, and brand?
We accept OEM & ODM, customized logo, design, print, brand, color, even package is available.
4. How about your delivery time for bulk order?
According to your styles and quantity, normally in 10-25 days.Judo Uniform Made in China

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