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As we know, brewhouse has four function unit: Mashing, Filter, boil, whirlpool. Then we get clear wort from the malt. There are some different combination between these four parts. Here let’s introduce one type:
Three vessels brewhouse system
Combination: Mash/kettle tun &lauter tun &whirlpool tun
Mash/kettle tun: with grist hydrator, racking machine ( frequency control)/ spend grain out door
Whirlpool tun: with special customized tangent whirlpool port
Common type: 100L-20T
3/5/7/10/15/20/30BBL or customized
Heating type: steam, electric, direct fire heating
Control mode: semi-automatic or automatic
We can control the heating temperature better by this combination. There will be heating in both the body and bottom of the mash/kettle tank.
All the tanks are made of double layers of food grade SUS304/316/316L, one layer of insulation and other accessories of good quality.
Here are some photos for your reference.Brewing Equipment suppliers

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