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Product Introduction
PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a thermoplastic that is clear, strong, and lightweight. It is also FDA compliant and completely recyclable, making it the most widely used plastic for food and beverage packaging. PET sheets also have excellent machining characteristics as well as excellent bearing and wear properties. It is often used for food processing machinery applications as well.
PET sheets can be moulded from PET granules, which is a common process. However, Yongjie has designed a one-step shaping PET sheet extrusion production line, where two stage extruder is directly linked with the required sheet mould tool. PET raw materials is fully compounded via twin screw extruder, but without pelletizing, the compounded PET goes into the single screw extruder, where it is extruded into the mould due to the high pressure from the single screw extruder. This process can ensure smooth and continuous production of the PET sheets, plus saving the production time and cost by eliminating granulation steps.
Product Data
This production line utilises the principles of two stage extruders. First stage: twin screw extruders to provide complete blending, mixing and compound of the raw materials. Second stage: single screw extruder equipped with mould tools to produce required products directly.
Product Qualifications
Our products are fully CE and ISO9001 certified. Please see below our certificates:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A.Can you provide the material formulation or help with product development along with the extruder production line?
We are always happy to support your product development programmes. With more than 20 years of experience in the plastic modification industry, we have learned many standard plastic formulations, including fully degradable PLA for bags & bottle and water/hot-soluble film, etc. We are also well connected with several experienced senior formulation experts and they will also support us with formulation developments.
B.How can I be sure if your extruder can produce my material smoothly before I place the order?
We always welcome you to visit our factory, and if you can send us your raw material, we will perform free live trials with you so that you can see the end results of the plastic granules.
C.How can I monitor the production period?
During production, we can send you a ‘4-box report’ every two weeks to update you how the production is running. Photos and videos are always available upon request.
D.What is your typical lead time?
Lead time to produce a full extruder production line varies depending on the size of the extruder. Typical lead time would be in the range from 15 days to 90 days.
E.How do I get a quotation?
Please get in touch with us with your target material, material application, production rate and any other requirements, via email, phone call, Websiite, or Whatsapp/Wechat. We will reply to your enquire ASAP.China Extrusion Moulding Production Line suppliers

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