Fully Automatic Aluminium Casting Machine factory

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Our History
Ningbo Dongfang Die-casting Machine Tool Co.,Ltd., was set up in 1981 in Zhejiang Province
of China ,specialized in manufacturing hot and cold horizontal chamber die casting machines
for over 37 years. With 35 engineering technicians in "Ningbo Dongfang Die-casting Machine
Tool Research Center".
Our Factory
* With a history of over 30 years
* Factory Area : 40,000 square meters
*Employees : More than 500
*Production Capacity : 10,000-sets yearly capacity
*Company owed Tech & Research center
* Main Machines: 100sets
Our Product
Hot and cold chamber die casting machines
Product Application
Hot chamber die casting machine could process low melting point metal colored alloy as zinc
and lead which are widely used in automobile and motorcycle parts, instruments, household
hardware and home appliances industry.
Cold chamber die casting machine is widely used for mass production of foundry goods made of
nonferrous metal such as aluminum,zinc and copper in industries of automobiles,
motorcycles,meters and instruments,hardware and military supplies.
Our Certificate
We have developed two series of more than twenty types of die-casting machines .
Seven of them have been approved as national top new products and six products have own
scientificprogress awards in China.
Production Equipment
16T,25T,38T,50T,58T,66T,88T,130T,180T hot chamber die casting machines
25T,38T,80T,130T,180T,280T cold chamber die casting machines
Production Market
India ,Russia Eastern Europe,South America,Southeast Asia, Africa,
Enterprise products have been sold to more than 20 provinces, municipalities, autonomous
regions and Southeast Asia. Its excellent product quality and good after-sales service have
won unanimous praise from customers. Our aim: quality first, customer first. The promise of
this field: to win customer satisfaction as the goal.
Our Service
Based on the characteristics of each user's purchase of die-casting machines, we provides a
full range of services from consulting, system construction, mold design, product trial
production to process training. To this end, our factory has established sales and after-
sales service centers in all major regions of the country, so that all customers who use
Yinshan Brand die-casting machines can obtain strong guarantees in all aspects of pre-sale,
sale and after-sales.Fully Automatic Aluminium Casting Machine factory

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