China Fast Pregnancy Test Cassette

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Our History
PRISES Group was established in 2005. With more than 10 years development, it has been a group includes five companies with 600 employees in Peking and Hebei province.
Our business is mainly focusing on the research and development, production and sales of rapid test, materials and condoms, for both China domestic market and international markets. We are partnering with many big chain pharmacies, brand owners and Global organizations by competitive price, reliable quality and service.
Our Factory
Built in 2011, Gaobeidian PRISES Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. is the factory of PRISES group for In-vitro diagnostic medical devices. With 300sq.m R&D center and 500sq.m GMP workshop, Gaobeidian PRISES can fulfill diversify tests at competitive cost and stable quality.
Angel Latex, as a Joint-stock company of PRISES, have 7 automatic condoms production line, annual output is 700 million condoms and has been awarded by China government as core condoms supplier for Anti-HIV public project for 15 years.
Our Product
Now, our main products are HCG pregnancy test kits and LH ovulation test kits with brands of“GOLDEN TIME”, “ Accu-Fast”, “SOUYUN”, “FASHION ALICE” and “MENGFEI”, and diversify condoms with Global famous brand “Solomon”. Meanwhile,we are now devoting ourselves to the R&D of drug resistance test kits of drug resistance test kits of Aspirin, which is in the period of experiment. Besides our GOLDEN TIME and SOLOMON brands, we also accept OEM/ODM order.
Product Application
Pharmacies, laboratories, clinics, hospitals are all need our products. OTC & ETC both channel are suitable to our products.
Our Certificate
Production Market
We are partnering with clients from more than 30 countries such as China, Germany, UK, Turkey, UAE, South Africa, Thailand, Mynamar, Philippines etc.
Our service
We ensure that all your inquiries will be answered within 24 hours; all the products will be finished under ISO quality system; best price compare to same quality level and best quality upon same price level; 7-45 days delivery time for normal order quantity below 1 million pieces. China Fast Pregnancy Test Cassette

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Whats your opinion of this?
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ISO14001 is a bit too grainy for me, can't go over 1600
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und jetzt nochmal auf deutsch bitte :)
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