5V4.2A 3 USB car charger manufacturers

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1.Our History
Shenzhen Keyuantai Industrial Co.,ltd has focused on top quality USB Chargers and Power Adapters since 2003. We started as a small operation, but now become one of the leading suppliers in USB Chargers Field in China.
We have PCB and housing design team,with our own Mould factory to keep good quality and mould privacy.We have 8 production lines to keep quick delivery time.
2.Our Factory
Shenzhen Keyuantai Industrial Co.,ltd is located in the Shenzhen China ,closed to Shenzhen International Airport.It’s convenient for customers to visit our factory.
3.Our Product
Shenzhen Keyuantai Industrial Co.,ltd Main Products are as below:
1, USB Chargers
2, Power Adapters
3, USB Car Chargers
We provide Unique Design and High Quality Chargers and Power Adapters
Power adapters:3W-72W
USB Chargers:single USB,dual USB and multi USB(3/4/5/8 USB Ports).
4.Product Application
Our Chargers and Chargers Can used for:All Kinds of Smart phones,Tablets ,MP3,Power Bank, Beauty Apparatus and other USB devices.
Our Power Adapters Can used for:CCTV Cameras,LED,Set top Box,Routers,Security products,humidifiers etc.
5.Our Certificate
Our factory has certified by ISO9001:2008.
Our USB Chargers and power adapters have KC,SAA,TUV,CE,FCC,ROHS,GS certificates and CB reports.
6.Production Equipment
1.We have outstanding techniques and testing equipments, such as automatic wave soldering Machines,automatic test systems, aging testing machines and RoHS spectrum analyzers etc.
7.Production Market
With a dozen years of professional experience,our markets include US, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other areas. Depended on reliable quality, punctual delivery and competitive price, our brand is very popular in the international markets.
8.Our service
Keyuantai guaranty products against defects are found to be defective under normal use within 1 year will be repaired without charge. If assume defects can’t be repaired will be replaced without charge within 1 year. 5V4.2A 3 USB car charger manufacturers

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