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Dusun Electron Ltd.
Dusun Electron Ltd., a high growth global leader and provider of remote control and wireless technologies for  
emerging Smart TV and IoT. The company specializes in design, development, and manufacture of innovative  
products and solutions that are used by the world’s premier brands in markets including Smart TV, PayTV &OTT,  
Smart Connected Home, and the Hospitality industry.
With design and development excellence and core competencies in introducing many technology firsts-to-the  
market, further demonstrates Dusun's commitment as a world leader in its field over traditional remote control  
competitors. The company has expanded technology platforms to include the growth of Security and Home  
Automation control and IoT applications requiring wireless gateways, sensing devices as well as cloud-based  
management system.
Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions
From embedded smart and sensing devices, wireless gateway, to the cloud platform services and applications,  
Dusun provides a complete system solution based on industry standard wireless protocols to address IoT  
applications ranging from smart home control and security,hotel management, to elderly living assistance.
Smart Wireless Control Solutions
With Independent research and development in various wireless technologies, Dusun makes intelligent wireless
 and interactive devices along with navigation paradigms with Voice, Touch, Motion Pointing, and Gesture  
recognition to control Smart TV, PayTV & OTT, wireless speaker, and Virtual Reality products.
Internet of Things Products
Cloud Platform Service|Smart Gateway|Smart and Sensing Devices
Cloud platform services
Allow device quick access
Support millions of devices on line
Support big data analytics
Rapid development of SaaS platform
Provide standard SDK interface for fast  
integration with third-party clouds
Provide high security
Support multiple applications and services
Smart Gateway
Support:Wifi,Bluetooth 4.0,Zigbee3.0
Support:Wifi  AP
Support:32 sub-devices
Smart Wireless Control Products
Bluetooth Audio Module|RF Module|VR Control|Remote Control & All-in-One Control
Remote Control & All-in-One Control
Protocol:Buletooth 4.0;RF4CE ;2.4G;Wifi
Function:Push-button ;Audio ;Touch;Air Mouse;IR Transmit
All-in-One control: control multiple sources of content from  
TV and media/DVB boxes as well as control Smart Home  
Devices using one single remote control  
Lower Power  
VR Control
Bluetooth core specification V4.0
Support 3-axis Accelerate + 3 axis Gyro +3 axis Compass
Support Capacitive Touch
Lower Power Consumption
Add: No. 640 FengQing Street,Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
US Division:  Dusun USA
Address: 17500 Mondino Drive .
Rowland Heights, CA 97148, U.S.
Web:www.hzdusun.com wholesale gateway platform

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