China Ad cnc router

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1.5kw Four Independent Heads Advertising Cnc Router QL-1218
Machine Features
1) A three-axis linear guide running smoothly, and high precision.
2) complete machine using seamless welding steel structure, rigid, and no deformation, the dorsal surface lining plate, strength, steel and good.
3) constant power spindle motor, cutting intensity, high efficiency.
4)  the U-disk embedded control system completely offline to work more convenient and flexible.
5) German ball screw nuts; imported guide;
6) High-speed driver;
7) Axle X with dust-proof system, and this ensures the good performance of the machine;
8) The Advertising CNC Engraver  Machine continues to work after the point-break and blade-brake, holding as many as 9 points;
9) Strong compatibility: CAD/CAM softwares, including type 3,artcarm,castmate,proe,corelerow...
10) Wide Range of Use: Advertising, mould, stone, architecture model...
Technical specifications:
Table Size1650x2300mm
X, Y, Z Traveling Area1200mm*1800mm*120mm
Table Structuresteel structure lathe bed and T-slot of sectional material
X Y TransmissionTBI Ball Screw
Z TransmissionTBI Ball Screw
X Y Z Guide railThree axis circle
Spindle Power1.5 kw water cooling spindle
Max.Spindle Speed24000 rpm/min
lding Speed6mm/min
Working Speed4.5mm/min
Processing Accuracy±0.02mm
Reposition Accuracy=0.02mm
Driving SystemStepper motors
Command LanguageG Code
Control SystemNCSTUDIO
Working VoltageAC220V, 50HZ
Net Weight/Gross Weight320KGS / 420KGS
Package Dimension2440mm*1730mm*1400 mm
Such as the motor (step motor or servo motor optional), spindle (air cooled or water-cooled optional ),guide rail (linear guide rail or square linear guide optional ) and the table of the machine (Vacuum table, T-shot table, Combination of T-shot &Vacuum table)
Cutting ToolsOne box of ordinary Tools, including 12 sharp tools, 5 cutters ( 3 of 3.175, one of 4mm and one of 6mm),a box of woodworking tools(5 cutters.).One bed-cleaning Tool and one V-Tool (90 degrees, diameter of 6mm and breadth of 32mm). Tool holders or edge case matching the tools.
Other Tools1.two wrenches (22,30 style)and one hexagon wrench
2.two photoelectric switches
3.six sets of clamps water pump, one bucket data line (connected with computer),
SoftwareType3/Artcut & Artcam in Windows 98/2000/XP/7. one PCI card, English User Manual, warranty card and
 China Ad cnc router

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