wholesale Wood Look Tile

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rustic wood look tile flooring
Wholesale rustic wood look tile flooring ,the wood look tile feature a natural wood look .This kind of matt tiles has the warm colour that can bring your house the warmth .
1.Product Introduction
Rustic wood look tile flooring has its own features.For its rustic,the wood look tile can your house more classical.And then,it has its spacial wood look pattern that you may feel the wood look tile is the real wood.
2.(Product application)
One of the wood look tiles --rustic wood look tile flooring is a good choice for your bathroom and kitchen.Besides,you can not only put it on the floor,but also you can put it the wall.It’s also can make your house so perfect.
LVKI IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD is factory directly,so we can offer you the discount and low price.
The rustic wood look tile flooring has the following features as below:
Non-slip:because of the material, the tile has a non-slip feature.
Low water absorption:Drops of water are still on the back of the tile and are still in good condition
5.Product Parameter
Product name:rustic wood loon tile flooring
Brand nameLVKI
 Place of OriginGuangdong,China
SurfaceMatt tiles
Material featurepolished
TYPEWood look tile
Free sampleavailable
6.(packaging and transportation)
Package:pallets and cartoons
Transportation:by sea,but the sample we choose other courier.
1.Q : Where is your factory?
A : Our factory is located in Foshan,China.
2.Q : What is the main markets of your products?
A : Our company has good cooperation with all clients from North America,Chile ,Australia and so on.
3.Q : Are you sure the packing will be excellent?
A : Yes,we are sure the packing is safe enough.IF the damage occurred due to the fault of packing , our company will take the responsibility.Or you can offer us packaging way you need.
We usually use the third party inspection agency to inspect the cargoes.
9.After sales service
We work 24hours a day and 7 days per week.
After you purchase our products, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.wholesale Wood Look Tile

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