Medium-density Fiberboard price

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Moisture Resistant MDF
Moisture Resistant MDF is used in places with high humidity levels. In comparison to standard MDF, Moisture Resistant MDF (or MR MDF) contains a moisture-repellent resin which gives it a better moisture resistant rating. Its moisture-repellent properties lend it advancement above standard MDF material. It can be cut, moulded and manipulated via industrial power tools or general hand and power tools
1. Making sure that all edges are sanded smooth after cutting will provide a clean and smooth finish when applying paints. Doing so prevents any harmful fibres being released from the board.
2. MR MDF shouldn't be mistaken to be water resistant as it's still prone to swelling and warping if in direct contact with such elements.
Furniture Manufacturing
Cabinet making, Wardrobes
Boxing in, Furniture, Shelving
Bookcases, Dolls' house
Q1:Are you a factory or trading company?
100% factory as well as trading company
Q3:Does your factory has the R&D team?
Of course. We have R&D team to manage the equipments and develop new products
Q4:How do your factory support your valued customers?
quality is our upmost important goal for all customers.
Service to supply&deliver on timely.
Competitive price offering.
Q5:Can I get samples?
Sure.Free samples will be provided.Medium-density Fiberboard price

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