china Expanded PTFE Jiont Sealnt factory

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Ningbo Taifno PTFE Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, it is a professional manufacture of PTFE(Teflon) sealing products.We use raw matirial with high quality based on the brief of quality is company's life.Here are our products:
Pure PTFE gasket,PTFE gasket filled with glass fiber/glass bead/carbon fiber/bronze/other matirials,Envelope gasket,Spiral wound gaske,Expandede PTFE Gasket and many other gaskets according to customers' requirement.
(2)Packings:Made from Flexible graphite, Carbon fiber, Aramid, Nomex, PTFE, Ramie, Flax, Cotton, Arcylic fiber, PAN, Novoloid, Glass fiber, Ceramic fiber, Asbestos,etc.
(3)PTFE and Expanded sheet/rod/tube/tape:Made from pure PTFE powder with different size to reach customers' demand
(4)Other PTFE Products:PTFE bush,PTFE Seat,PTFE O Ring,PTFE Packing Ring,PTFE Nut,etc.We can do many different parts if customers require.
The company has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001,and have  passed FDA, ROHS certification.
Through our efforts,our products have applied to many fields(power generation,various equipments with flanges,machinery,medicine industry,etc.), getting good reputations, and have been exported to lots of countries all over the world.
Our Enterprise faith is“Integrity Service, Win-win Cooperation” , Looking forward to cooperating with you.china Expanded PTFE Jiont Sealnt factory

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